Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yin Hong, Shanghai Hai Yun Girl Pictures Wildly Downloaded and Spread In China, Yin Hong Hai Yun Gate Photos Scandal Caused by Boyfriend Garros Zhu Hui

Shanghai East Building Kappa Girl video surfaced in November 2008 rocked not only China but also the world. A latest photo scandal (Hai Yun Gate Indecent Pictures Scandal) involving another Shanghai girl again swept across the whole China. Yin Hong (??), a graduate from Shanghai Maritime University (previous Shanghai Maritime College, ??????), was the victim of a total of more than 30 suggestive pictures leaked two days ago by her former boyfriend Garros (??, Zhu Hui in Pinyin) as a revenge for the break up. According the words from Chinese forums, the scandalous photos were much much much more revealing than Edison Chen’s. Yin Hong has since been dubbed as Hai Yun Girl (Haiyun, means Maritime) by Chinese netizens. Her private pictures were wildly downloaded and spread across the whole China. Many websites placed mosaics on Yin Hong’s strategic parts in her pictures and published them online to attract visitors. It was said also Yin Hong photos were also seeded as a BT torrent. Shanghai Police has stepped in to investigate the case.

 Yin Hong, Shanghai Haiyun Nv PictureYin Hong, Shanghai Haiyun Nv Photo1Yin Hong, Shanghai Haiyun Nv Photo Yin Hong, Shanghai Haiyun Girl Hai Yun Nv Pictures Yin Hong, Shanghai Haiyun Girl Hai Yun Nv Images
Yin Hong, Shanghai Hai Yun Girl Pictures

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