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Toyota Tacoma T|X Pro Review

Toyota Tacoma T|X Pro Review

toyota tacoma

When first exhibited at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in 2009, the Tacoma received a lot of admiration and appreciation. However, some are quite cynical, stating that if they wanted to have such a cool-looking truck with the top performance, they would spend a fortune.  So now, Toyota has made a new resolution for 2011 production, to combine the cool and stylish look of a custom truck while keeping its original top ability. You don’t need to spend thousands anymore.

The T|X Pro is an off-road truck with sporty and tough look. With bold shapes and angles, big fenders, and front bumper, it surely looks menacing. It also comes with 16-inch alloy wheels for rugged trail areas and TRD exhaust system, producing loud roar and additional power to the wheels’ spinning ability. The engine is using the 24 valve V6 of 4.0 liter, able to produce 236 hp with automatic 5 speed transmissions. The T|X Pro is equipped with suspension system for uphill and downhill assist, automatic control for traction, and electric locking mode for rear side.

The T|X Pro also gets detailed attention for its interior, with the JBL sound systems, sporty and comfy seats, and lamps for foggy weather. Not much for the interior part, I know, but what else can you expect from a truck?

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Mini Paceman, First Miniature of SUVs


Thanks to the movie “The Italian Job”, people are convinced that Mini isn’t only pretty but also tough and strong. The new mini design of Mini Paceman will be exhibited for Detroit Motor Show. The Paceman will be designed with coupe look and chubby style. It’s the coupe version from the previous mini model, the Mini Countryman. With the lightweight size and plumper front look, the Paceman is claimed to be the first premium miniature SUV coupe.

The Paceman offers horizontal line design, different from the Countryman which used vertical one. The Paceman is equipped with JCW turbocharged engine with 1.6 liter, able to produce 211 bhp and 207 nm torque.

It also adapts the ALL4 all wheel driving system from Countryman which sends out a maximum power to the rear wheels. The exterior sporty look can be viewed from the front axle from McPherson, rear chassis, and steering system which is electric speed sensitive. The interior side is offering club lounge look, with leather, sporty front seat and two rear seats. It’s not mentioned about the room for leg design, but it’s believed that Mini will provide enough space to accommodate all the passengers’ legs. The upcoming design is said to have the so-called helmet roof with suspended roof design.

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10 New Electric Cars in 2011


• Leaf from Nissan
Nissan has invested in battery manufacturing plants for long term purpose of producing electric cars. Nissan hopes to sell about half million units around the world, with Nissan and Infiniti in various sizes. The Leaf is available for $ 32,780 before tax.

• Volt from Chevrolet
The Volt is equipped with dual engines of battery pack and also fuel gas generator. The gas fuel is designed to overcome the fear of running out of electricity. The price is $ 41,000 before tax.

• Focus Electric from Ford
It’s one of the popular compact built but with spacious model. It has dual engines of battery and gas.

• Transit Connect from Ford
It’s a minivan, designed only for short distance. It’s suitable for nearby destination but a bad idea for farther location.

• I-MiEV from Mitsubishi
It’s one of the electrified “Kei” minicar lines. The new built is capable of accommodating 4 people and costs less than $ 30,000.

• Fit EV from Honda
It offers 3 driving modes, equipped with fuel-cell motor from FCX Clarity.

• Tesla Roadster
It’s famous as a 2 seats sports car, targeted for wealthy consumers.

• Fisker Karma
It has dual engines with wealthy consumers as the target.

• Think City
Produced by a small company in Norway with distribution market limited in Austria, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Abbreviation from Global Electric Motorcars, similar to a golf cart. Good for low speed driving and being used around the neighborhood or company.

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Hybrid Car Basic Maintenance


Nothing feels better than having those jealous stares on your hybrid car as you drive down the highway. However, if you want to maximize and maintain your hybrid car performance, some efforts needed to be done. You need some time to get to know what should be done related to the maintenance before you make your purchase on your first hybrid.

1. Do oil and oil filter changes for every 3,000-5,000 miles NEVER more than that! Using synthetic oil is recommended. This will lengthen the life between oil changes to 7500 -10000 miles.

2. To prevent uneven wear you need to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles.

3. Check your hybrid tire pressure ONCE a month.

4. It is recommended to have the 15,000 mile service at the hybrid’s automaker dealership. You can ask the dealership for the latest technical service bulletins, or other info dealing with your hybrid.

5. You need to replace the air filter. Do it every six months.

6. Read the owners manual! It may not be as interesting as reading a magazine or your favorite novel. However, there is a lot of information that you may find very useful.

7. During the 30,000 mile service the changing of the Inverter Coolant has to be done.

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Dodge’s Marketing Plan in 2011


The 2011 offers a new start and opportunity for Dodge, making them plan to launch 6 new or re-produced cars next year. The models to launch are the Durango SUV, new re-styled Charger and Challenger, and new reproduced Grand Caravan, Avenger, and Journey.

The company has decided a plan to have major marketing efforts and plans national-wide, started early next year in the first quarter. The marketing plans include promoting the products during Superbowl event on February 6, 2011. Dodge CEO, Ralph Gilles, claimed that they have notified dealers through emails about their marketing plan to place more order allocations, not only for Durango but also for Charger and Journey.

Dodge has gained 20% profit in the 2010 sales, with about 351,285 units sold around the world. That’s why they want to increase their sales numbers in the following year. The marketing plan includes advertisements through multimedia and also digital campaigns. The Superbowl campaign is done again after Dodge has been absent for about 5 years.

The advertisement is quite interesting and funny, picturing the desperate looking men, willing to do the tasks, which were

obviously they hated, given by their wives with the return of being able to drive masculine cars they want. The advertisement was made by Wieden & Kennedy agency.

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