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Nascar Will Simplify Point System In 2011

Nascar Will Simplify Point System In 2011

Nascar is actually is a simple sport to follow. If you finish first, it means that you win, and everyone else is lose. The points competition that is used to determin the Sprint Cup winner is another matter. I don’t think we need to even bother explaining how the old system worked, because I also have no idea. But The Detroit Free Press stated that the new points systemfor 2011 will be a lot easier to understand.

This is how the new points system goes. If you win the race, you will get 43 points, while if you finish in 34rd place, you will only receive one point. Every driver in between will receives points based on their order of finish. This system will still allow bonuses, with the winner of the race will receive three points and any driver who leads an entire lap will receives a point for each lap that they dominated. If you leads the most laps in the race, you will also get the bonus.

Huge points in a single race? Nope, Nascar capping points at 48 for any race. Much easier than the old regulation I guess. Hopefully will bring more viewers to this race.

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2011 Chrysler 300 Review

Mitch Clauw, the Chief Enginer for the 2011 Chrysler 300 said, “We basically blew the old car up. The number of parts that we carried over from last car you can just hold in your hands.” He was said it when responding to repeated question about the new sedan.

The question is whether it is a whole new car, or just a heavy refresh just like the 200 Sedan? Actually you can not blame journalist for being confused. Chrysler’s product onslought putting 16 all new and significantly improved mode in the road this year. But the all new sedan will be a very different car from the significantly improved.

Clauw then added his answer, “Every exterior panel will be new. Every piece of the interior is also new. With the underbody, just a few pieces of the front floor pan are the same. The front and rear aluminum suspension geometry are different, and so is the steering. The V6 engine is also new, while the internals of the Hemi are carryover. The intake, exhaust, and accessories are also new.” Hopefully that explanation will make us understand that this is not just a heavy refreshed car.

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VW Golf Mk VIII Come In Late 2012

Volkswagen will begin selling their seventh generation of their flagship VW Golf hatchback in either the end of 2012 or early 2013. The news is according to what the company said on Saturday. The spokesman was responding to the report in industry publication Automobilwoche, and citing a person who is close to VW’s chief executive, the new model will arrive in the showrooms in November 2012.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk VIII will be the first car from Volkswagen branded model that will be based to the cost-saving modular transverse architecture which is known by its Germany abbreviation, MQB. It will eventually be used to build around 3 million vehicles group wide for every year.

The company has said that they expect saving in the double digit percentage range because of the production process that differs compared with the previous vehicle platforms, which only offer synergies across the brands by using the same underpinnings rather than synergies between both brands and models. The very first car that use MQB based modularity is the new Audi A3 that will come in summer 2012.

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Noble M600 Enter Production Stage

The rumors about Noble M600 car has been circulated since around 2008. It was unveiled in 2009 and the crew from Top Gear UK even got to test one before the clock ticked 2010. But where did it go? I’m not sure about it, but Noble has finally popped its head up with the very first M600 off the factory production line.


Considering its missing, a quick refresher course for M600′s credential is in order. The British built supercar sports has twin turbocharged 4.4 liter Yamaha V8 with Road, Track, and Race power level. An adaptable Performance Control Switch will vary the output of the V8 between each level and let the engine produce 450 horsepower, 550, or even the ultimate 650 bhp.


In addition it has a curb weight of only 2,775 pounds, and you have a great recipe for 0-60 in only around three seconds or less and an estimated top speed for 225 miles per hour. So far, there is only one unit has been built, but Noble claims that it has order for a full 50. At around EUR 200,000 price tags, the M600 sports car should make the company rich assuming it won’t take a decade for them to deliver.

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Fiat 500 Won’t Have Haggling Sticker Price

Chrysler Group LLC expect the dealers to avoid haggling with the shoppers about the price of Fiat 500 when reintroducing the parent company’s brand to America, hoping that the young customers will be more comfortable in showrooms. Laura Soave, Head of Fiat brand for North America said, “The pricing is the pricing. The younger generation doesn’t haggle, they don’t feel comfortable with it.”

“The dealers have been giving advertising standards that include the prohibitions for promoting vehicles on less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price,” said Soave in an interview this week in San Diego. While the automakers generally can’t prohibit the discounts, the company limited the number of U.S. Fiat franchise to minimize the competition among the dealers.

Chrysler was operated by Fiat SpA, and will bring the 500 and the Italian automaker’s namesake brand to the U.S. market at the same time when it prepares to sell the redesigned Chrysler 300 flagship sedan. The Auburn Hills, an automaker fromMichigan may report the fourth quarter loss of about $ 99 million on Jan 31. Rebecca Lindland, an industry analyst with IHS Automotive said that the 500 and redesigned 300 will really represent that the company is coming together.

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