Friday, May 21, 2010

hairstyle by vicki mcmahon

2010 new hairstyle for round face

Many people don’t know the fact that it is important to get a hairstyle done according to the shape of your face. 
It is necessary to find whether you have a round face, an oblong shaped face, a triangular one or a rectangular face.


Generally narrow and long faces are the ones that attract the second looks. So women with round faces should try something, which would minimize the roundness and give a lean look. A major no would be curly hairstyles and ramrod straight styles because these only accentuate the roundness.

The ideal length of hair for women with round faces is just below the chin. Such a length can be use to create any style like wavy, long or curly. Anything shorter than that would only make the face look more round. It shows the face in a new and refined manner.

Going for angled hairstyles usually works for round faces. A short bob cut from the back and keeping it long near the sides so that it goes below the chin works wonders. An important thing to remember is to reduce the volume of the hair on the sides as the volume increases the round look.


 The straightness of the above-discussed style does just that. A great straightening iron and a mousse would be required to get the look but the end product is a really chic look that everyone loves to have.

Blonde medium hair for women

Taylor Spreitler Medium Curls

Taylor Spreitler Medium Curls

Taylor Spreitier styled her honey brown tresses in soft curls.

2010 cute short hairstyles

Holidays just around the corner means your day to day pace is picking up with the exciting prospect of parties and dinners, it is time to begin your search for cute short hairstyles.


Finding the perfect cute short hairstyle is not as difficult as you might think. With a little observation, a little imagination, and a good hairdresser, the cute haircuts can be yours. Choosing one cute style does not have to mean only one look.


The holidays call for sparkle and shine, and you need to sparkle and shine as well. A cute short hairstyle is just the way to draw attention to you this holiday season, and shine like never before. Clear communication between you and your hairdresser is also a necessity, as far as the type of hair cut you is trying to either imitate or the look you are trying to achieve.


No hairstyle is impossible, rather some are not advised for certain face shapes, but consider either lengthening or shortening a certain cute hairstyle that you would like to have.

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