Monday, May 17, 2010

hairstyle by joanna middleton

2010 long hairstyle tips for women

If you want to choose one hairstyle for long hair that easy to maintain, all it takes to keep your locks looking hot is to let your hair’s natural qualities be your guide.


For long and naturally curly hair, use those curls to give you a beautiful look instead of straightening them. On the other hand, if you’r hair is straight, you can use twisted ponytails or loose French braids to add some flair rather than spend hours under the curling iron.


For the times when you’re in a real hurry, a twisted ponytail hairstyle is a good way to handle your hair quickly without looking bland. Section your hair evenly to the left and right, bring each section up twisting the hair three to five times toward the back of the head.


2010 trendy long hairstyle from Kim Kardashian

One such high-profile socialite who manages to remain in the news for her trendy hairstyle is Kim Kardashian. Kim manages to mould her hair along with her exotically good looks and an individual style sense. Her sexy long hairstyle manages to get rave reviews from fashion critics every time she makes a public appearance.


Kim Kardashian is known for her long tresses which are raven black in hair color. Any individual who aspires to have Kim Kardashian’s long hair need to get their hair dyed in the right shade of brown/black in order to achieve the desired effect.

People who are not blessed with long hairstyle can try going for hair extensions. Kim Kardashian’s long hair is usually rolled up at the end to give them a good look by using several hair products.


Kim Kardashian long curly hairstyle


Adding curls to any length hairstyle can create a unique look with an extra touch. Adding curls to a hairstyle can be easy but the major point is to add curls that hold, show some bounce, and even add some shine and reflection.


Kim Kardashian wears her long hair simply and loose with sexy loose curls and just the right amount of shine. At more formal events she can be seen sporting the same sexy curls but in a completely different way and one thing is for sure, glamour is certainly high on the list for this foxy lady!


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