Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hairstyle by jeff hsu

Hairstyle Trend 2009: Chic and sleek!

This is hairstyle that girls who have fine thin hair can wear with dash, style and flair. It is suitable for those whose face shap is oval, round, square and diamond. It works well with hair that is on the fine, thin and relatively straight.

2009 Hairstyle:Kelly Clarkson’s shoulder length hairstyle

Kelly Clarkson’s hairstyle is gorgeous!

Kelly Clarkson is absolutely fashionable at the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her hair color is a mousse brown with a hint of auburn and layered with a bit of volume toward the top. Lustrous thick curls make the hairstyle flirtatious.

Hairstyle Trend 2009: Straight, sleek and sexy!

Beautifully suited to hair that is naturally straight or has been professionally chemically straightened.

As long as there was height added to the crown and the fringe was side swept, this hairstyle could accommodate a round face.

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