Monday, May 17, 2010

hairstyle by adam washington

American Curly Hairstyles

The hairstyle in coming autumn and winter is curl. The makeup of this autumn shows elegant and modern. For autumn hairstyle, it emphasizes on “feminine”. It can be long or short hair, but curl is the main stream!Women’s hair is like a second face. As long as the hairstyle changes, there will be a whole different from weekdays.

In autumn 2007 curls sustain fever. The level of curl is unlimited dissemination of attractive women. Curls are in power. It can be small curl to show lovely appearance. It can also be romantic wave curl. Long curl hair is charming and gentle. It is full of feminine. Short curl hair is full of wild, lively and pretty. These beautiful hairstyles are not set by prem. If you know how to use the curling iron rod, you can do it yourself. Let’s enjoy the fun of change!

Choice of curling iron rod
Use the curling iron rod is time-saving. It can create a three-dimensional wave. You can base on the duration of iron and skill to shape different hairstyle. It shows the effects of curl. Compare with the traditional perm, it is more natural. However, before changing the course of treatment, a good choice of a curling iron rod is very important. Generally, hairstylist will recommend powerless curling iron rod because it is less disruption, handy and less space to pack. The best choice is the surface of the iron is made use of ceramic material because it can decrease the hair damage by slow conduction theory

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